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Study concluding large-scale data collection

By Sean Thompson

PREDICT-HD Public Relations Coordinator


After starting out as a Huntington disease researcher and clinician in the 1990s, Dr. Jane Paulsen began to notice a common theme in discussions with HD patients and families.


Study participation gives sense of purpose

(an excerpt from this article appeared in the Summer 2014 edition of the PREDICT-HD Press


After finding out she tested positive for HD, Kasci Brantley decided to take action and do something proactive by participating in PREDICT-HD, and sharing her story with her fellow participants and the general public.


By Kasci Brantley

Above and beyond to find a cure

(An excerpt from this article appeared in the Summer 2014 edition of the PREDICT-HD Press)


By Christina Colletta

PREDICT-HD Public Relations Assistant


Summer PR intern connects with HD community

On the last day of her summer internship, our Public Relations Assistant Sarah Petitt wrote about her experience working for PREDICT-HD at the University of Iowa HDSA Center of Excellence. Petitt is now an assistant account executive for Sikich, LLP, in Chicago.


By Sarah Petitt 

HD advocate blogs about study

Stephen, Ken, Sarah

Research Assistant Stephen Cross with Ken Serbin during his visit, being photographed by Public Relations Assistant Sarah Pettit.


PREDICT-HD recently welcomed well known Huntington disease blogger and HD advocate Ken Serbin, also known by his pseudonym "Gene Veritas," as a new participant in the study at the University of Iowa HDSA Center of Excellence.


Driven from her heart to HDSA fellowship

Jolene Luther with a photo of her and her grandfather, William Holcomb. Photo by Owen Wade.


Web exclusive: Participant proud of first CSF contribution

The following is an extended version of the article titled "Participant proud of first CSF contribution," published in the Issue 1, 2013 edition of the PREDICT-HD Press.


When asked by PREDICT-HD Coordinator Pat Ryan if she'd be willing to undergo a spinal tap procedure at The University of Iowa in order to collect cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for the study, participant Lori Frantz immediately said yes.

Web exclusive: Full Q&A with Coordinator Gigi Satris

Here is the full Coordinator Corner Q&A interview with Gigi Satris, PREDICT-HD coordinator at the University of California, San Francisco, featured in the PREDICT-HD Press, which is available for download here.


HDYO profile of PREDICT-HD student staff

University of Iowa junior Jolene Luther's unique path of growing up in a family affected by HD and wanting to become a doctor and treat people with HD is what led her to work for PREDICT-HD this summer, working on projects to help spread the word about the study and provide study results to the public in a way that's easy to understand.


Jolene Luther