HDYO profile of PREDICT-HD student staff

University of Iowa junior Jolene Luther's unique path of growing up in a family affected by HD and wanting to become a doctor and treat people with HD is what led her to work for PREDICT-HD this summer, working on projects to help spread the word about the study and provide study results to the public in a way that's easy to understand.


Jolene Luther

Jolene's story is featured on the Huntington's Disease Youth Organization's (HDYO) website in a first-person article (click here for the full article). We're thrilled that Jolene (pictured right) wanted to share her story and thank HDYO for the opportunity to work with them on this article!


In addition to the site investigators, coordinators, research assistants and support staff that work for PREDICT-HD at our 27 sites, we have several undergraduate college students who work part-time for the study in a variety of support roles, many of whom go on to pursue careers in the medical and research fields.