HD advocate blogs about study

Stephen, Ken, Sarah

Research Assistant Stephen Cross with Ken Serbin during his visit, being photographed by Public Relations Assistant Sarah Pettit.


PREDICT-HD recently welcomed well known Huntington disease blogger and HD advocate Ken Serbin, also known by his pseudonym "Gene Veritas," as a new participant in the study at the University of Iowa HDSA Center of Excellence.


Following his first study visit, Serbin posted a blog entry chronicling his experience in Iowa City. This post provides a comprehensive overview of the aims of PREDICT-HD and how researchers hope study results will provide a vital step toward HD treatments. Serbin also blogs about the RNA-interference research of University of Iowa Professor Dr. Beverly Davidson, the Roy J. Carver Biomedical Research Chair in Internal Medicine.


We would like to thank Ken (and all our participants) for taking part in the study, and for blogging about his experience!


Click here to read the full blog post, and here to see another post in which Serbin discusses his "personal enrichment" connections with researchers (including those in PREDICT-HD), and the importance of global teamwork in the fight against HD.